We can provide signal management equipment for your LEDscreens, where necessary. Our portfolio includes single or multichannel scalers, video processors and contollers for creatingthe right signal for your LED video walls




- 4K input support on DP, HDMI and DVI

- Input standard 2K formats

- Scale and switch seamless between 2K and 4K inputs

- Output to any format 2K or 4K

- EDID management on board

- HDCP 2.0 compliant

- DisplayPort 1.1a with MST

- Custom output resolution

- Modular design


X2 Processor 


- Support power module pluggable technology and power 1+1 redundancy function

- Auto input formats detect and conversion

- Support EDID edit for inputs and read EDID for outputs

- Replaceable input and output optional modules

- Support genlock and reference input

- Support resolution real-time total adaptation

- Support output layers 90, 180 and 270 rotate

- Support color uniformity compensation technology

- Support isolated storage and frame rate conversion



- Integrated Vision Mixer

- Full preview to program presentation switching

- Additional background layer capability

- Dual angle adjustable LCD monitors

- Multi-View input sources

- Full modular design

- Combination module for greater flexibility

- Configurable Genlock built-in

- Tally support built-in

- Support subtitles import and preview


X7 Processor

- Seamless swicthing 32x32 matrix/router

- Up to 64 mega pixels output splicing

- Display up to 128 layers

- DSK and Chroma Key feautres

- OSD text overlay feature for subtitling and messaging

- Wide range of SmartSlot modules for input and output

- Redundant hot swap power supply option

- Auto temprature control