Let's monitor your system! Environmental monitoring system, to keep under control for everything you want. 



It is a system that control, analyze and watch the significant environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, smoke, air conditioning. The sensors help the system to collect and save the data, then you can easily access your reports. This system can create performance graphics and identify the resource needs. 



It watches all signage systems, data centers and server rooms for 24 hours with cables or wireless sensors and it establishes an automatic alarm. It controls all devices a far such as air conditioning, UPS and generators. It provides energy efficiency. It keeps the environments under control. It provides admonitory service. In any dangerous situation, it warns employees by e-mail, phone, SNMP traps, SMS and it protects the information / financial investments. UPS, generators and air conditioning systems can be controlled and observed a far with a broad protocol support.



We create it for LED Screen Systems, but you can use it in everywhere such as Telecommunication stations,

Data centers,  Archive rooms, Cold storages / food and beverage stores and so on.. 



usage and installation is very easy. When LETSMON is plugged in, it is automatically activated without the need for installation. In the box, you can see installation booklet and user manuals. You can make the adjustments easily without the need of service or support.