If the contents of the led screen are not formed with homogeneous colors, thebrightness and tone differences will start to appear on the led screen over time.Thanks to our expert engineers and professional calibration devices, we eliminate the light and color differences caused by the different brightness and light values of the LEDs and make the colors homogeneous.




MCTRL600 is an advanced model of Nova controllers, which supports extra-large resolution. With HDMI/DVI video input and four Ethernet port outputs, a single unit is able to load 2560×960. Multiple units can be cascaded for uniform control.


MCTRL 4K is an is an independent master controller developed by NovaStar with an epoch making significance. The loading capacity of a single unit is up to 3840x2160@60Hz, which is able to meet site requirements of oversized LED display. MCTRL4K makes it easier to create stunning visual effects for users. MCTRL4K also can be used as two independent master controllers, which makes it more flexible to load LED displays. The design of MCTRL4K is innovative. It allows to configure a dsiplay at any time without PC. Various video inputs such as DP, HDMI, dual-link DVI etc. and outputs of 16-channel Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 4-channel optical fiber ports are supported. 

VX4S Controller

The VX4S is a professional LED display controller. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front end processing, so an external scalar is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, VX4S with excellent image quality and flexible image control greatly meet the needs of the broadcast industry, Its friendly in user-interface. So that the display to work has never been as easier and more enjoyable as with VX4S.

J6 Video Splicing Processor

Powerful Image Processing | FPGA processing platformSeamless switching between input sourcesSpecial fade-in/fade-out effects



MCTRL R5 Controller

MCTRL R5 is an independent master controller developed by NovaStarwith an epoch-making significance. The loading capacity of a single unitis up to 3840x1080@60Hz, which is able to meet the on-siterequirements of oversized LED displays. MCTRL R5 makes it easier tocreate stunning rotation visual effects for users.MCTRL R5 also can be used as two independent Full-HD controllers,which makes it more flexible to load LED displays.The design of MCTRL R5 is innovative. It allows to configure a display atany time without PC.Various video inputs such as HDMI, dual-link DVI,SDI etc. and outputs of8-channel Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 2-channel opticalfiber ports are supported.