EASESCREEN, our strategic partner, offers you several distinct advantages when compared to other digital broadcasting and information solutions. Rich content management and convenient report monitoring features,customized messages for your target audience, easy integration of different content into different applications on multiple media, offering excellence by combining rich media content with interactive broadcasts.

EASY ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                          NO CONTINOUS NETWORK NETWORK-COONECTION REQUIRED

Through the easescreen Screenmanager, our intuitive user-interface.                            All media-files and schedules stored locally on Player-PCs

All media-files and schedules stored locally on Player-PCs                                                 INTERACTIVE

FLEXIBLE AND FREE SCREEN-LAYOUT                                                                                  Presentation can be locally triggered in 'real-time' through in-put-devices such as

No special layout-editors necessary                                                                                        movement-detectors,GPSreceivers, remote-controls, touchscreens, RFID

SIMPLE SCHEDULING                                                                                                               CUSTOMER-FEEDBACK-SYSTEMS

And creation of play-list                                                                                                             Through the integration of cameras, sensors, etc

TRANSPARENCY                                                                                                                         COMPLETELY AUTOMATED MONITORING

And simultaneous display of all supported formats                                                             Of Player-PCs and output-devices via web-browser, mobile phone and

FORMAT VARIETY                                                                                                                       automatically generated emails

Support all formats you need to show                                                                                     WATCHDOG

EASY UPLOADING AND MODIFICATION                                                                                Assures 24/7 operation of all Player-PCs and output-devices (erros-messages

Of contents, layouts, schedules and play-lists                                                                          are hidden)

'BEHIND THE SCENES' UPDATES                                                                                               SCREENSHOTS

Of schedule and media files via standard-protocols (FTP); presentations                          Of locally played content

play withouth interruption                                                                                                           CONTINOUSLY RECORDED

NO SERVERS NECESSARY                                                                                                            Playout-data, system-information and acces-logs of each Player-PC

But for large networks the easescreen Management Server simplifies distribution,

monitoring, archiving etc.